Dr. Elaine Stevens is conducting a series of Courses beginning April 17, 2019.

Each course will be packed with powerful information and each participant will have an opportunity to get their questions answered. 

The classes will be conducted through audioconferencing and will last about 45 minutes. 

The cost is minimal and you will be able to learn from and speak with Dr. Elaine personally from the comfort of your own home or any private setting of your choice. 

Our April topic was, "Specific types of Men every Woman must avoid, Part 1" and it was power packed.

In May, we continued our discussion on "Specific types of Men every Woman must avoid."

In August, our topic will be "Picking up the "shattered pieces" of a Broken Heart.

In September, we will continue with August's topic.

In October our topic will be "How to "find" your ideal mate in 30 days or less, Part 1" and in November, we will continue with "How to "find" your idea mate in 30 days or less," Part 2 

Reserve your spot today. 


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