Support Groups


Purposeful Revelations

This is an online group for Women who are dealing with relationship issues within their current relationship or experiencing hurt and pain from a previous relationship.

Relationship Readiness

This in an online group for Women who want to prepare themselves for a healthy, fulfilling relationship.

Surviving Verbal and/or Emotional Abuse

This is an online group for women who are either working to release themselves from verbally and/or emotionally abusive relationships or women who are survivors of verbally and/or emotionally abusive relationships. 

Video Conferencing & Teleconferencing


Individual/Couples Video & Phone Sessions

Individual Video & Phone Sessions are a convenient, effective way to speak with a Professional from the comfort of your own home or any private setting of your choice. All you need is a mobile phone, tablet or computer. 

Payment Information

The process is simple. You pay for each session, one at a time. There are no hidden fees or subscriptions and all sessions are affordable & confidential. 

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